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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Old But Don't Expect Anything

I'm old. I'm sure of it.

One- People GASP! When they hear my age.
Could be because I look not a day over 18...ok 19.
Or it could be because I'm OLD

Two- I can't just call my friends any more. All of a sudden I'm pencilling in phone dates with friends I've known for years.
Could be the sign of the times.

Or it could be because I'm OLD

But the thing about being 27 is that anyone in their 40's or 50's and possibly their late 30's, will tell you with all confidence

"27! Oh Honey you have plenty of time!"

I'm not sure they realize what I haven't done yet when they make a statement that large...But I'd rather not rebuttal with, (for fear of embarrassment)

"Really! =) You think I have plenty of time to move out of my parents house, start a career, get married, buy a house, have children, put them through college, retire and meet my grand kids before I'm blind or break a hip! Thank you that's so sweet."

But tell anyone who's your age, or around the ripe age of 20, how old you are and they think you're half way to the grave. Those are the ones that make me understand why women start to lie about their age.

There's an expectation people have of you when they find out your age. If you're 18 it's ok to have a high school diploma and a job at a cool retail spot.

If you're 27 and the only knowledge someone has is that you work retail you're an automatic failure at life. And I don't have the desire to explain why I'm so old to every Joe, John and Harry. It's easier to just say "I'm 18."

And Wha La. Zero expectations.

My only problem is the lying part, I'm a big lie hater and incessantly correct myself when I leave the truth behind. UGH!

My life is so hard!

But with God and the Internet I'm sure I'll manage =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Relationship, I Just want your Babies Please.

It's not my fault that the only boyfriend I've ever had is the one that I have now. Seriously. I was the best me I could be, athletic, cute, funny. Guys were interested.

BIG CATCH: They all wanted only to have my babies.

None of them actually wanted to properly "court" me and be my boyfriend as I so desired. They strictly wanted to impregnate me and watch our babies transform into these Super Human, Brown, Sports God's.

"BEASTS" as they'd affectionately refer to "our offspring."

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was quite a little athlete and while I thought it was a great reason for a guy to want me to be his girlfriend, they thought it was an even GREATER reason to skip all that nonsense and go straight for what really mattered. Passing on their DNA to a female host with an uncanny ability to master sports.

Which makes it safe to assume this could be part of the reason I've been able to maintain wearing my chastity belt for so long. Because I knew these fools were trying to be anything but "safe" and with the incredibly fertile females in my family, I knew if we were alone when the lights went out I'd probably be spitting out triplets at 17.

They loved that I was "Black" (I tried to tell them I was only half and any babies with them would only make them lighter. But to no avail) and that I was the strongest girl in school, and couldn't be beaten in 3 varsity sports.

Needless to say I always had a crush on whoever was propositioning me for children and I had the toughest time smashing into their brain that I just wanted them to take me on a date and love me!

With all these guys wanting me to bare their children it's surprising I didn't have my first kiss until a few weeks before my 18th birthday, with the guy who literally wanted to create a Super Human Race and even asked his girlfriend if he could have babies with a Black Girl (in retrospect...I should have known that was going no where. =/ )

And although it was depressing that my ovaries interested the other gender more than my personality or even my hot body! I knew that if I was doomed to be an old spinster, I would always be able to fulfill my dream of having a family. I could just close my eyes point a finger and WHAH LA! Baby Daddy!

Which makes me wonder where these girls find these guys who never want to have kids, because it seems the only ones I can find are ready to jump on board...or in bed...

Luckily, for now, I don't have to be on the hunt for a man who doesn't ONLY want me too fatten me up with his "seed."

Because with lots of God, and a little internet, I've found someone who know's there's a possibility our children may not be brown, possibly a bit clumsy, not very good at math, and is still willing to take the risk of loving me anyway. *sigh* Finally!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing out of Possible things

When I started this blog I titled it "With God (& the Internet) all things are possible. I was inspired by the title because I felt like I had SO much to accomplish and it was nice to be reminded that my life wasn't impossible, I could get where I needed to be, and that there was no reason I should be failing at anything because,

1. I had God
2. I had the Internet.

Seriously. What can't you do with that combo?

And as always, whether spoken or unspoken I expected a lot out of myself. And I Needed a lot out of myself. I needed to get somewhere, I needed to get something, I needed to see someone...

I figured once I took care of everything I "needed" I would be fine. Settled. Secure. Happy.

What I failed to think about was the pure FACT that as long as I'm alive I will always NEED something!

I subconsciously thought I would outgrow this title, that one day I wouldn't need to be reminded that with God all things are possible. Because I would've accomplished every possible thing and would someday be forced to change the title because it wouldn't apply to my life anymore...

As if I could grow out of "possible things" to do!

Well...this year I STILL- NEED to get somewhere, NEED to get something, and NEED to see someone.

I have SO much I need to accomplish this year! Just like last year...and the year before...

Yet I'm a much less scared person this time around...but I still need reminders that "With God (& the internet) all things are possible. Because this life is freaking scary sometimes!

One this is clear though. The title of this blog won't be changing anytime soon due to me accomplishing too much!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am. According to Me.

Next time someone asks...

I'm everything I want to be.

I have a video of my niece when she was about 6 that my friend took on her camera phone. She said "Skai, tell me about yourself"

"My name is Skai...I'm an athlete, I'm a dancer, I'm a singer, ummm, I'm an athlete, I'm a basketball player, I'm a cheerleader...I'm a tennis player, I'm an athlete.... ummm...my name is Skai."

Now how good was she at any of these things? As good as any 6 year old girl can be. But in her mind did her lack of a job, skill, or age take away her right to be any of these things in her heart? Absolutely not!

As a 1st grader, she taught me that, you don't have to be Michael Angelo to be an artist, you don't have to play in the NBA to be a basketball player, you don't have to go to Juliard to be a dancer, you don't have a degree to be a teacher.

For me that meant you don't have to have a record deal to be a singer, you don't have to publish a book to be a writer, and I don't have to be Ralph Lauren to be a fashion designer. Maybe the world wouldn't label me as such but as far as I'm concerned,

I'm a singer. Even if it is only according to YouTube

I'm a writer. Even if it is only according to Blogger and Wordpress

I'm a fashion designer. Even if it is only according to Etsy


With God, the Internet, and Skai, this is possible

PS. This isn't the video of my niece, but its TOO cute and sort of works with what I'm trying to say =) Just enjoy it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Public Explosions via The Internet

You've had a day like my today, I'm sure of it.

Not that everything went wrong, but everything that happened bugged the mess outta you. So when I say I had a bad day I'm talking about the bad days that you see in movies where EVERYTHING is extreme and you feel so awful for the main character until the end when it all works out. My day isn't over yet so I can't tell you if it ends well.

But the scary part about my day isn't how disturbingly awful it was, but that the only place I have to vent about it is the internet. Where anyone and everyone who is willing has access.

I'd say I've done a pretty good job about maintaining my social profiles with a strict sense of privacy, nobody ever knows exactly what I'm doing, I barely update my status's on Facebook and usually make fun of people who do. I try to give people insight but not information, so they think they know, but they really have NO idea.

I don't tweet constantly about my day, I try to use that strictly for my business and to update people on blog posts, and pictures of new products.

But every now and then I slip. Because of some extreme emotion, sadness, anger, bitterness, happiness, whatever the case may be, and I let "them" know too much and just TYPE and click "publish" or "submit"

I feel the regret almost immediately after when I realize that people actually READ that stuff and I start getting comments! =/ Comments from people who care, text messages from my closer friends and all of a sudden I'm deflecting the inquiry's requiring me to explain. I don't want to explain, I just want to be bitter!

In my haste I assume everyone is just like me, who skims all the content of the site, not taking anything to seriously and rarely taking time to comment or take seriously what is being posted. But all too quickly I realize not everyone is like me and people out there do read what's in front of them, that's not weird. I should expect that.

I can't start making a habit of updating the world wide web of my happenings, pretty soon they'll see the monsoon of an emotional roller coaster I ride everyday. From my status update worthy dates with KP, my tweet worthy rants, and the blogs written through a torrential down pour of tears, I'd for sure have more followers because that's some interesting crap. But I'm sure I'd have less real life friends. So I'm gonna have to learn how to control myself in the future when I feel a public explosion brewing inside and just grab the journal that I carry in my purse.

Don't need to expose "today's" like that.

With God and my journal all things are possible.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

checked out Kimmy @Glee

I don't usually do random posts BUT I auditioned for GLEE today! And I'd love it if you'd visit my audition and give me a Gold Star. I don't know if the Gold Stars help you be chosen but it couldn't hurt to try huh?

If that link doesn't work you can try this one


With God, the internet and YOU, this is possible!

Thanks! And Enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Being Jealous of Myself

I'm starting a new thing in my world.

Being jealous of my life.

I've figured out why my feet have hurt for the past 26 years, 7 months, and 21 days. I've been trying to walk in someone else's shoes! And I have BIG FEET!

I'm always jealous of someone else's job, their apartment, their income, their relationship, their shoes...when in fact, someone else may be trying to fill mine.

Why don't I see my life, my work, my time, my relationship as something to be jealous of?! I don't know? Maybe it's because I'm too close to see the blessing. But I'm most likely too greedy and want it all right now.

I've always wanted so much more out of my life than anyone I've ever known, so how do I expect to fit my big life into someone else's little shoes? My jealousy of everyone else is making me dream smaller!


So from today forward I will stop thinking that the best thing for my life is YOUR life, and become totally JEALOUS of the sexy life I'm living! (That was a joke. haha? Nothing about my life is "sexy" not even close.)

But I am on my journey to somewhere...and with God and the Internet, I'll get there.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spilling it all over faceless strangers

I don't like talking about myself.

(I totally get the irony of saying that on a public world wide blog, but I'm a living contradiction. I know. It gets worse.)

I don't like being judged and although I want others peoples opinions and advice...I DON'T WANT ANYONE'S OPINIONS OR ADVICE.

Today I complained about how my friends don't ask how I'm doing or what's going on. I got mad and complained and whined about how they don't care.

But last week my sister asks me what my plans are for the future and I end up bawling my brains out and writing a blog through tears/a blurry waterfall. (Not recommended. I did NOT end up posting it. Thank God I came to my senses!)

Then tonight my dad asks me what I plan on doing when I come back from the east coast this summer and I avoid eye contact, and shove my Philly Cheesesteak down my throat, while I mumble through my plan...

So although I'd like to spill my guts all over my family and friends, I can't. I'd rather spill them out to a world who will never meet me.

And with God and mostly the internet I can enable myself to continue showing myself to the world and hiding from those who love me. WHAT?!

well...lucky you?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mistaken Expectations That They Don't Tell You

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Clap clap clap clap"

They sure didn't!

I've misunderstood every segment of my life, and have expected everything that did not happen.

As I've said before, I never thought much about anything before the age of 10, and after that everything I thought was wrong.

Going into Junior high I thought that we'd all be mature enough to tell the boys we liked that we liked them, and not have to keep in a secret anymore. Apparently that's just not how it works, at ANY age. I ended up doodling my multiple crushes names all over my notebooks and in the notes to my friends, but NEVER to the boy.

I thought by the time I was 16 I'd be beautiful, with beautiful long hair, driving and going on dates. I'd even invented this snazzy backless shirt with my turtleneck that I thought for sure I'd be wearing when I was 16 (woah there little fashion designer). I dreamed of my prom, and prom dress and how cool it would be if at Senior Ball there was a ball pit, like the one at Chuck E Cheese. I'd definitely have a boyfriend AND all the boys would like me and want to date me. I had a clear vision.

When I was 16 I'm sure someone thought I was beautiful. My mom maybe. Probably God. I still didn't know how to style the curly poof on my head, but I was getting better. It was long...it shouldn't have been. I had my ugly face permit until I was 17, which became my ugly face drivers license. Didn't get asked to my prom, or Senior Ball for that matter and had to find my own dates. I'm still pretty mad about that. Obviously neither one had a ball pit. And not only did I NOT have a boyfriend, I'm not so sure any guy in my school even considered me a girl.

I stopped expecting so much for college since I was so far off on my first two predictions. I made a mental note that I would work EXTRA hard in college, take extra classes and summer school, and be buried in the books so that I could graduate on time or even early.

I did nothing of the sort. Although I maintained above a 3.0 GPA for my entire college career, I had a friend ask me if I even went to school, because they never saw me going to class, studying, talking about class or anything. It was like I just hung out AT school, but didn't actually go. *sigh* So much for that prediction. On the upside, I got hot for a season and guys were FINALLY freaking noticing me! Woot woot! Didn't see that coming at all!

In the back of my mind I figured I'd be married at the end of college, and barefoot and pregnant for the rest of my life so I could be on eternal maternity leave from work, because the thought of work just confused me. No, seriously I actually told people that on a regular basis. I still think it's one heck of a plan!

Towards the end of my Super Senior year (5th year), when I was sort of dating KP, I had an "ah ha" moment. I would NOT be getting married that summer...I would NOT be barefoot and pregnant anytime soon...I WOULD have to take care of myself...*tear*

Somewhere around that time KP wrote me a letter saying that my "perception of reality is sometimes funny =)" I was a little offended, but stinkin guy is always right on.

And I actually never thought of where I would be past the age of 26, and I only thought that far because we had to write where we wanted to be in 10 years when I was 16...in Mrs. Farhner's English class. She didn't like me. And I no longer have that paper. But it's safe to assume I thought I'd be beautiful, with long hair, married, with children, and pregnant...barefoot.

And what else could possibly happen after that!

Anyhow, during every mistaken expectation I've had over the years I would loudly exclaim to anyone who was within earshot "NOBODY TELLS YOU THIS! Why doesn't anybody tell you this!" Followed by "I'm gonna write a book." Yes, 12 years old, ready to write a book warning the next generation not to tell the boy they like that they like them.

Since I was wrong about everything up until now I have come full circle and realized I was the smartest before I started thinking. I have NO idea what to expect in the coming years. Not a clue. And there's obviously no point in guessing.

But with God and the internet I'm sure I'll get there somehow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Up and Down and into Love-I'm letting you in

I've tried in journals, I've tried in letters, I've tried in Microsoft word, I've tried on a website.

Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.

The story of KP and I has never sounded right when put into words. But I will try again for the sake of Valentines Day and our upcoming 3 year anniversary. So here I go. Again. I hope this all makes sense...

From the moment I entered college I was on the prowl! At the beginning of every year there is an entry in my journal saying "I'm ready Lord, this year I'm ready for a boyfriend. I get it now." Every year I was more mature, and more ready than I thought I'd been the year before. I wanted a BOYFRIEND !

Finally in my 5th year of college, I began the year as always, in my journal. This entry started off the same, but as I began to write about my life and about all that I had to accomplish that year, including to graduate and financially support myself, I found myself writing..."Lord, I don't have time for a boyfriend ! Please don't let me find one this year I have way too much to do and not nearly enough time to dedicate to such an important relationship." I was a little bit frantic because the reality of what it would be like to have a boyfriend was so real . I was practically begging God to keep the boys away!

I'm pretty sure God just laughed at me and carried on with his plan.

Because not a week later was I writing about how cute E's brother KP was. The differences between us were SO obvious and it was very clear to me (and apparently everyone else) that this was going nowhere. But he was cute nonetheless, a genius, athletic, all around DREAMY, with sad green eyes, a perfect smile and the body of a statue...and my roommates were excited about him coming over a couple times a week =) (The things college roommates enable you to do!)

We casually hung out for a couple of months, nothing big, always at my house because I didn't have a car, cooking (correction. Me cooking) or ice cream at cold stone. It was fun, innocent and perfect.

I remember our first kiss being a big debacle because I didn't want to ruin what we had by "taking it there" (yes I was a super prude, but it worked =) and I'm pretty sure there was even discussion about it. haha.

Anyway he'd finally had enough of my nonsense and finally somehow got in there! Our first kiss was the epitome of every cheesy description you've every heard . It was beautiful, magical, and I may have even saw stars =) At least it was for me. I remember thinking that he'd probably never kiss me again!

We continued to hang out and learn more about each other as the months went by. Shortly after our first kiss late one night I was laying in bed after KP and I had exchanged a few texts , and I closed my eyes, and I swear it was the voice of God, I heard loud and clear "He's the one." At that time I knew I had a major crush but didn't think it'd ever be more than that. My eyes SHOT open and I said "Are you sure?!?!" I mean he wasn't even my boyfriend, then I heard it again "Yes, He's the one."

The events that followed in the year after didn't do much to support what I'd heard that night. I was scared to have a relationship with him, for so many reasons. I don't think he was ready either, and things were always stressed between us. But the building relationship and chemistry was undeniable.

Then things became even harder in April, a month before graduation, my house burned down. Everything I owned was gone and I had no where to go. KP offered me everything and anything. He really stood by me. Unfortunately although my feelings were still growing I was still pushing him away.

I graduated in May and things didn't get better that summer. After graduating , having to move back home, no real job, and my relationship woes with KP, I slid into an unwanted depression. During those couple of months we broke up like a real couple (over and over), said I love you like a real couple, although we were not a "real" couple the feelings we had were definitely real. But it felt like my heart was breaking every time I saw him.

I couldn't handle the ups and downs anymore so I decided to make a big change. I moved clear across the country with $1400 to my name. I knew that with me gone we would either grow stronger or fall into a million pieces. At that point I was willing to take the risk.

Best decision I've ever made. Toughest life I've ever lived.

And even though he didn't want me to go, once again KP supported me the whole way through.

After 5 months of being away, and a year and 4 months of dating, we somehow managed to play the same games that we played when I was living at home, but we'd reached a turning point.

Without me knowing, he'd overnighted his heart his heart in a letter . It was amazing, everything you've ever wanted a guy to say to you and really mean. He was saying all that to me in this letter. He really loved me and missed me as much, if not more than I missed him.

Unfortunately I didn't receive this letter until after the gut wrenching talk that we had the night before. And after the things I said I was sure God was going to have to use his best angel to get us back on track.

He did.

I called him the next day, after I read his letter. We were still a little broken from the night before and it was hard for me to get the conversation started. I knew that if I didn't work things out with him now that I may never get another chance.

We decided to make it official that day. Three thousand miles away over the phone.

It's been about 4 1/2 years since we began and nearly 3 years (on the 11th) since that conversation and we are still together, no longer at a distance and growing together more and more each day.

Nobody really understands our relationship, but nobody ever has . I guess you do really find what you need when you aren't looking.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's yours! Give it to ME!


Does the 3 year old in you ever proudly present itself in your present life? You know when you're making a sandwich and your roommate (in my case, my mother) comes by to borrow the butter knife you took out, and starts to get butter for their toast, and you feel yourself SNATCH it back and yell...

that's MINE!

My internal toddler is about to bare her nasty whine.

Maybe it's me being hyper sensitive but I swear my inner circle is abusing my time. The main problem being that they don't take me starting a business seriously, therefore when I say I'm working, they hear I'm "working."

To the naked eye all anyone can see is me going to the thrift store and cutting up shirts in the back room of my parents house, with no real income and living out of my savings. Doesn't look like much huh? Well I gotta start somewhere.

So lately I've been getting a lot of requests to do things, random things like, babysit, open the garage door, drop off my dry cleaning, etc... all during my work day!

And it's not requested meaning: Can you do this? It's requested meaning: "Here's my dry cleaning. Take it to the one by the gym. Here's $4. That should be enough."

"Here's my baby, I need you to watch her this week."

"I lost my garage door opener. Stop sewing your bag and come open it for me."


I cried last night to KP, and being the engineer that he is, he tried to find and fix the problem. But I couldn't pin point it. All I wanted to say was MINE MINE MINE WHAAAAAAAAHHHH!

I'm living a life that has nothing to do with me.

Ever since I've been home I've scared myself into thinking that I'm burdening everyone by being here. So I've literally run myself ragged trying to make their lives easier.

I don't think it's bad thing to want my own things. Like my own time, my own problems, my own joys. Even poor people have these things.

I want to snatch my life back screaming MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!

With God, the internet and lots of time I can make this happen!