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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slapped by Digital Relationships

There are many things that really bother me (yes, you read that right. I get annoyed easily.) And during this weekend one of them showed up with a vengeance.

The annoyance this weekend comes from fellow bloggers and social media sights where people put their entire relationship of display for the entire world to see. Now in all honesty I don't hate that people do that. I read those posts faster than Paris Hilton throws away a dollar bill. I love that ish!

My problem is that all these girls make me feel super crappy about my relationship with my boyfriend! Only because the only pictures and stories these girls, and sometimes guys, show and tell are the awesome romantic extravaganza's they go on with their significant other, linked to pictures of them kissing and smiling and cuddling under the sunset. Day after day after day posting how much in love they are with their boy/girlfriend.

Now let's be clear. My boyfriend is phenomenal, he's smart, talented, focused, fiercely loyal, trustworthy, considerate, and gorgeous on top of it, and there's no one else I'd rather be with, but come on he's human and so am I. We don't go on amazing adventures every weekend, take cute pictures at every event we go too, or post lovey dovey comments on each others facebook page for the world to see. Sometimes we don't even call each other for a couple days, we do boring things most of the time and even disagree with each other.

Which I think is normal, but when I double click on Google Chrome and start to read about everyone else's delightful days in relationship paradise it feels like a digital slap in the face and now my relationship feels inadequate. All based on relationships between people I've never seen!!!

And what get's on my nerves even more is that these same people that post all this stuff are the ones saying "I am 100% "me" every time my fingers hit the key board. What you read online about me is exactly what goes on in my real life." BULL*&^# and whatever.

Yea that might be true if you didn't edit yourself with a pen made of Pride and Ego. All of the bad stuff gets conquered by "delete" before you publish anything, and end up making people like me get all depressed.

I wish I could be more upset with people like this but like I said I can't take my eyes off of it. And if people didn't post all the sappy crap what would I aspire too?

I would love to make the world jealous of my life, but that's too hard of a task to maintain. I just wish people would be more forthright and real about their relationships. Because leaving out all the dirt is really discouraging and uninspiring.

So here's to more dirt! With God, and definitely the internet, this is possible!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Head First and Blind

Better news, better news. Today is not the day to be cynical. It's Sunday for crying out loud! By law I'm suppose to rest and be positive! Well it's not actually Sunday anymore, I've just left this screen open on my desk top for 3 days now...

Seems to me that I'm jumping head first and hoping the net appears, or at least a substantial body of water, or trampoline, so that it won't hurt too bad when I hit the bottom upon landing. Since I've turned down the job offer from Nordstrom, I've found inspiration holding hands with my potential while driving down highway 101.

Because, Dun dun nuh nuhhhhh...I'm starting my own business! WHAT! I know I know! Loud, little, halfrican girls are suppose to sit around trying to figure out how to tame their hair with man made products, not start a business while living at home with mom and dad. But I dare to break the mold =)

I finally decided that my multi thousand dollar Fashion Design BS Degree will go to waste no longer. And all of those future dollars I will use to pay off my loan debt, (that I accrued to get that degree,) will be earned by what I learned in the process of spending all that money! Fashion Design! Well not completely fashion, but at least the tote bag part of fashion...

I am going to make bags!

Imagine the "joy" on my parents faces when I told them that's why I respectfully declined my job offer...

HAHAHA! Sorry mom and dad, sometimes I think my purpose on earth is to make you nervous.

Well I am really excited about it, and I've got my over achieving sister on board with me to help me with the business end of things (when there is a business end to things) and my dreamy boyfriend is almost convinced that he wants to build me a website.

My mama even offered to help me sew, but when I told her she'd have to sew in straight lines, because people will have to trade their money for these bags, she looked at me helplessly, then said excitedly "Not being good at things makes life really easy!" In other words, she's glad that she can't sew a straight line because now she doesn't have to help me. Yay for her! (There really needs to be a sarcasm font.)

Anyway, I'm setting out to be the most successful company making handmade, one of a kind, tote bags for all of the world...With God (& the internet) this has got to be possible!