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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing out of Possible things

When I started this blog I titled it "With God (& the Internet) all things are possible. I was inspired by the title because I felt like I had SO much to accomplish and it was nice to be reminded that my life wasn't impossible, I could get where I needed to be, and that there was no reason I should be failing at anything because,

1. I had God
2. I had the Internet.

Seriously. What can't you do with that combo?

And as always, whether spoken or unspoken I expected a lot out of myself. And I Needed a lot out of myself. I needed to get somewhere, I needed to get something, I needed to see someone...

I figured once I took care of everything I "needed" I would be fine. Settled. Secure. Happy.

What I failed to think about was the pure FACT that as long as I'm alive I will always NEED something!

I subconsciously thought I would outgrow this title, that one day I wouldn't need to be reminded that with God all things are possible. Because I would've accomplished every possible thing and would someday be forced to change the title because it wouldn't apply to my life anymore...

As if I could grow out of "possible things" to do!

Well...this year I STILL- NEED to get somewhere, NEED to get something, and NEED to see someone.

I have SO much I need to accomplish this year! Just like last year...and the year before...

Yet I'm a much less scared person this time around...but I still need reminders that "With God (& the internet) all things are possible. Because this life is freaking scary sometimes!

One this is clear though. The title of this blog won't be changing anytime soon due to me accomplishing too much!