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Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm Short With A Twisted Shirt

A little girl at tennis camp had one of those difficult shirts to put on after swim time.  You know the ones with the loose outer tank top with the fitted tank top underneath, but the tricky part is that they are connected at the shoulders which makes it really hard to figure out once it gets all twisted?

Well she wears those almost everyday and everyday after tennis camp we go swimming, and after swimming she changes back into her shirt.  And everyday she hands her twisted up shirt to me and asks me to fix it.

I do.

She 11.  Could she figure it out herself?


Why doesn't she? ...

Because she's a kid.  She doesn't have to figure out things on her own that are difficult.  There is always someone taller, who was born earlier than she was, around to help her out with those frustrating things.  No one likes to see/hear/witness a sad, frustrated child who can't get her shirt right side out.

Sometimes I think I'm a kid, and that taller people, and people who were born before me should help me with things.  Justifiably so.

I'm short.

Like a kid.

That should absolutely count.

When my shirt gets twisted everyday I should be able to hand it over to someone, no questions asked, and they figure it out for me and hand it back.

When I'm frustrated and throwing a tantrum about something, a woman should come and console me.  Then buy me ice cream.

When I get my feelings hurt real bad and I don't understand why someone would want to treat me bad, I should get a special teddy bear to cry into.

I don't think we ever really grow up.  It's all a scam.

We just keep having birthdays and learn that after each one, less people will feel the need to come to your rescue.  And truth be told, we don't always need someone to rescue us.

But every now and then, when things go wrong, someone is mean, or your shirt gets twisted we should be able to hand it off to someone else no questions asked.

Next time someone taller and/or older has a twisted shirt I'm going to fix it for them.  Maybe lift a small burden from their back. Maybe I can help a lot of people with their twisted shirts.

With God (and the internet) all things are possible!