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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Try Harder so you can Fail

"If you aren't failing, you aren't trying hard enough."

What the Crap kind of motivation is that?! I don't need to TRY to fail. I could write a book on how to successfully fail, but where would that get me?

For the first time I read this quote and got so irritated and a little offended. I've heard this quote before and lately I've been hearing it a lot. On tv, other blog posts, and many other pseudo inspirational media. I'm not attacking people trying to be inspirational, I'm attacking this very idea that you have to measure your success by your failures.

That's like making the loser feel better by calling them "1st Runner Up"

or trying to ease the crying of the ugly girl by saying that they have a great personality and that's all you need.

Runner up is just a fancy name for loser, being ugly will give you a lot of lonely nights, failing is failing. In every case the loser just isn't quite there yet.

You have to fail before you succeed yes.

But frankly I'm sick and tired of failing and I don't want to feel like I have to keep failing in order to be a success somewhere. I've failed at everything it seems like, and I think it's about freaking time I get some success! And I don't want to have to fail AGAIN to do that!

Why can't I just work hard and succeed? Why can't I just focus, do it right and not fail? Why do I have to try harder if failure is supposedly success?!

But who am I to talk. The girl with a million excuses about why she didn't turn in her work (a million great excuses I might add), or trying to take the short cut on everything, who tries to get better at sports by not practicing...

All I'm trying to say is, that quote is that last thing I want to hear while I'm facing my latest business endeavor. Failure is not an option this time, and I don't want some quote telling me that it's not only ok to fail, but that it means I must be "trying really hard!" Come on. Don't try to sugar coat failure.

It Sucks.

Because in my world failure doesn't equal hard work, failure is laying down and letting life happen while you watch it fly by like an idiot. And I'm not going to let it happen to me again.

With God and the internet all things are possible.


  1. I've never heard that quote before but I agree that it's crap. The whole reverse psychology thing doesn't work anymore. I completely agree that failure doesn't equal hard work.

  2. I've worked extremely hard numerous times only to watch the booty kisser work less & get all of the rewards. This came from the quote "work smarter, not harder" apparently working hard DOES indeed equal failure & working smart results in success. I got my chap stick ready for some major booty kissin in 2010. I got babies to feed so pride aside. I gotta do what i can to succeed!

  3. I guess in that sense the quote is right DD3. I never thought of it that way. Good point.