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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emotional Pins and Needles

Do you know what it feels like to be sitting on pins and needles?

One time in high school I walked into my history class, senior year, and went to my normal seat I sat in every day. Threw my backpack on the floor like I always did, and plopped down in my seat while still talking to my friend like usual. Only to be unpleasantly STABBED by a seat full of Thumbtacks!

Who does that!!!!!

Needless to say I shot out of my chair at LIGHTNING SPEED! And had to pick out the remaining tacks from my rump. And the pain was over.

Easy solution for actual pins and needles, but emotional pins and needles are much worse because frankly, you can't just bounce off the chair.

KP (the boyfriend) and I were texting each other the other night as I was going to bed. And unusually I was the one that was ready to say goodbye. But he had a surprise.

"I got some bad news at work this week ;-/" WHAT?
"They announced that a lot of positions are moving to Chicago..."

Freaking FANTASTIC!!!!

"We're supposed to find out next week if we are going in the first 'wave'"

Don't forget that I JUST moved back to California from being on the east coast for 3 years, and being in a long distance relationship for 3 YEARS. And now that I'm finally settling into a routine of being home, working during the week and driving the hour it takes to see him on the weekends, he "might" be moving to Chicago.

I fully believe that they will choose to transfer him for a number of reasons that aren't exciting enough to post. But as far as I am concerned I know they already know who's going and I just wish they would just tell me so I can stop sitting uncomfortably on these pins and needles, wondering, anticipating, and analyzing every possible scenario, from whether I'll end up moving to Chicago too, or if I'll have to be a SERIAL LONG DISTANCE DATER!


I always tell people "Life Happens." I really hate that saying now.

Maybe he won't have to move. Maybe we can live happily ever after. Maybe we'll live in the same CITY before we get married. (Don't worry marriage isn't even on the table right now. Obviously.)

With God (and I think this has nothing to do with the internet) all things are possible!


  1. Wow that's deep. I hope it works out for the best.

  2. oh wow...... i really hope you don't stress over this too much. it takes its toll!

  3. Thanks DD3 and RenRexx. He still hasn't found out if he's going yet, and I'm pretty sure they'll wait until the last minute to announce who's going. But I'm not freaking out anymore. Kinda surprising myself =)