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Friday, November 20, 2009

Marshmallow Meltdown

Mental meltdown to the extreme today.

Sorry mom.

I don't think a lot of my friends get it. I tell them I'm living at home and they look at me with envy and say, "I would do that in a minute."


Then they all launch into how they would live at home and stack and save their money. That's great. You're willing to sacrifice your freedom, independence and everything that comes with adulthood for money...

Maybe that's the problem. I've NEVER been money motivated. My dad offered to pay me, by the 1/2 hour, one summer for practicing basketball. I think I made $20. I've tried network marketing and couldn't envision the endless supply of residual income at the cost of losing a year of my life to build a business. I've turned jobs down with good pay, and lived on a budget of $14 a week for food. I'm just not willing to sacrifice myself for money.

I think that's why living with my parents is so tough. And it's not totally their fault. They've been pretty respectful of me and my things, even though I've made quite the mess a few times with all of my sewing stuff and I'm sure it's harder for them to have this "intruder" living in their house after all these years of being alone, than it is for me to give up my personal space and be able to live near my family again.

I'm probably selfish. But I can't figure out how to adjust. I just freaked out at my mom for mixing 3 stale marshmallows with a bag of new marshmallows...seriously. I had tears in my eyes.

Who does that?!


I just want to be able to live here peacefully until I have the means to live somewhere else. Which if I'm serious about starting this business, and I am, I'm going to have to stick it out and take a chill pill when I don't get my way. It's not my house and I finally have to freedom to start a business.

Lord knows how long it'll take...

But with God and the internet I will make it possible!


  1. Yeah i see how it could be hard to live at home. I was moved back home after college and only lasted there 3 months before i had to get out. It's def. worth it to go out on your own and make your own money, even though it gets hard and you may be poor at times. I love my freedom and being able to go where i want without being questioned.

  2. lol sorry Kimmie, the stale marshmallow is a funny funny thing that ALL moms do. I was forced to stay home a few years back & freaked out about how careless my mom is with meats! You don't thaw out meat cook some of it then refreeze the thawed out meat you didn't use. It's disgusting & if you notice, the meats color starts to go away! yuck. So i understand how little things like that can make you tip over! But you are working towards a specific goal. It's not like you are stuck there just living off of your parents being lazy. I give you props for even making that move home. A lot of people have far too much pride to go back home. Good luck!

  3. Haha. Yea I'll brush off the small stuff from now on!

  4. I actually went to your fb page for the first time and then bouned over here. I can't relate to anything you blogged about except the starting a business part...word of advice legalzoom for all your corporation paper work and paypal button on your website. From one entrepreuner to another.

  5. Thanks Sandeep! And ummm...now you get the responsibility of explaining what that means =)

  6. As someone who hasn't lived at home since before college, I cannot say I identify with your plight, but I can say that I could see myself having a meltdown for the same kind of thing if the situation was wearing on me. (And living at home for longer than a week? Tough.)

    Chin up, dear. I hope things are going better now!

  7. i moved out to get my privacy. even if the boyfriend and i weren't humping around like rabbits, i really couldn't have him sleeping over and lounging around on sunday morning in boxers in front of the tv like he does now at my place.

  8. haha! Humping around like rabbits! Yea 90% of the time I go to his house.