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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slapped by Digital Relationships

There are many things that really bother me (yes, you read that right. I get annoyed easily.) And during this weekend one of them showed up with a vengeance.

The annoyance this weekend comes from fellow bloggers and social media sights where people put their entire relationship of display for the entire world to see. Now in all honesty I don't hate that people do that. I read those posts faster than Paris Hilton throws away a dollar bill. I love that ish!

My problem is that all these girls make me feel super crappy about my relationship with my boyfriend! Only because the only pictures and stories these girls, and sometimes guys, show and tell are the awesome romantic extravaganza's they go on with their significant other, linked to pictures of them kissing and smiling and cuddling under the sunset. Day after day after day posting how much in love they are with their boy/girlfriend.

Now let's be clear. My boyfriend is phenomenal, he's smart, talented, focused, fiercely loyal, trustworthy, considerate, and gorgeous on top of it, and there's no one else I'd rather be with, but come on he's human and so am I. We don't go on amazing adventures every weekend, take cute pictures at every event we go too, or post lovey dovey comments on each others facebook page for the world to see. Sometimes we don't even call each other for a couple days, we do boring things most of the time and even disagree with each other.

Which I think is normal, but when I double click on Google Chrome and start to read about everyone else's delightful days in relationship paradise it feels like a digital slap in the face and now my relationship feels inadequate. All based on relationships between people I've never seen!!!

And what get's on my nerves even more is that these same people that post all this stuff are the ones saying "I am 100% "me" every time my fingers hit the key board. What you read online about me is exactly what goes on in my real life." BULL*&^# and whatever.

Yea that might be true if you didn't edit yourself with a pen made of Pride and Ego. All of the bad stuff gets conquered by "delete" before you publish anything, and end up making people like me get all depressed.

I wish I could be more upset with people like this but like I said I can't take my eyes off of it. And if people didn't post all the sappy crap what would I aspire too?

I would love to make the world jealous of my life, but that's too hard of a task to maintain. I just wish people would be more forthright and real about their relationships. Because leaving out all the dirt is really discouraging and uninspiring.

So here's to more dirt! With God, and definitely the internet, this is possible!


  1. Wow. And you say you haven't been blogging "for very long"... lol.

  2. Not compared to some of the Mavericks on here! haha!

  3. I'm with you on this. I decided that I would write everything - by that I mean if I'm having a fight with him then I might blog about it.

    Love your posts. I just started too. Very recently! :)

  4. I don't want to be a hypocrite, and I have no room to judge anyone, because I used to write about my relationship on my blog. If you look at my older blog posts you will see that. But I stopped, because I realized that my relationship is MY relationship. It's special to me, and I don't wanna go around sharing our life with everyone. Relationships are not perfect, yet some bloggers make theirs seem that way. I want to say to all of them: 'If you were 100% real on your blog, you'd not only write about the pleasant experiences with your BF/GF, but you'd also write about all the fights you've gotten into and all the things that annoy you about you about him/her. DUH.' Sorry I write so much. :)

  5. Kimmy! Just wanted to say hi to a sister blogger! Thanks for the encouraging commment love :D

  6. I don't do a lot of relationship blogging because I'm not in a relationship, but being 100% yourself is a tricky thing. For me, everything I write on my blog is 100% TRUE, though it may not represent 100% of who I really am. It may not be hypocrisy so much as people not understanding what they're claiming.

    Anyway, I don't read too many relationship based blogs. The ones that I do are the ones that have a truly unique voice to them, not the minute by minute recounts of this adventure or that trip to the supermarket.

  7. Amy, Shady Chick and Courtney-I'm so glad you guys "get it" I really wasn't trying to be pessimistic, but all the stories about roses and chocolates were getting to me! =)

    PS: Hi Lauren!!!!

  8. lol you sure are annoyed easily!!i think its alright if they just add there lovey-dovey happy-go-lucy pics all time coz people feed on these kind of things!!its coz they are adding all this to their blog so that people will read.why would someone waste half his time on a person who is bored and is just sitting and reading books with his bf!!people need spice,they survive on it,they love to see it,read it!!that's why reality tv shows are such a hit!!there has be drama,fun,breakups,hangups,sex,lies etc..in a blog to make it work haha i know that's not how writing goes but thats how world works!!you yourself admit that you enjoy reading so hmmm..wat you can do is just keep seeing those lovely pics and smile!!
    ohh if you want to make people jealous!!there are studios with background posters available of switzerland,holland,india,statue of liberty lolz stand in front of it,click a picture with ur bf and post it!!*tada* now they are jealous of you*evil smile*!!keep writing!!

  9. I don't blog about any arguments or stuff that I have with my boyfriend, at his request. I choose to put my life out there, but he doesn't choose to put his out there, and I respect his privacy. Plus, I don't want to write about our problems a) before I've worked it out with him, or b) after we've already solved the problem. It just causes more trouble than it's worth in my experience.

    If your boyfriend is cool with you writing about him, then that's great, and I applaud your efforts to be 100% open. I try to be myself as much as I can when I write, too. But...it's my choice to write the negative stuff about myself. If I'm writing about other people, I have to consider that maybe they don't want to be so open with strangers, which I also get.

    Just trust me when I say no one's relationship is perfect... ;)

  10. I hear you! My bf and I have a totally normal dysfunctional relationship and I love him to death. There's no one in this world that makes me feel and whole and content as he does and we are very anti pda people. There's no lovey-dovey facebook messages, just a normal balance in our lives. But we truly are the single person the other can count on no matter what. So dont feel bad!

  11. heavealie that's the BEST idea I've ever heard! haha I'm gonna make us take pictures in front of every poster I see =)

    Katie that's a great way to balance blogging and your relationship. It's probably never a good idea to blog about an unresolved issue...

    KK I think you are my new best friend! =D